Although many people prefer to plan out their weekly meals before heading to the grocery store, in-store impulse purchases are extremely common. Sales have a strong influence on what people buy, as does the placement and location of a product within the aisle, especially when refrigerated displays for retailers are being used. But in order for your customers to discover new products and increase sales, in-store product tastings are a best practice!

As a strategic tool for food brands, tastings have many advantages:

• Introduce new products, and put little-known products in the spotlight
• Enhance advertising by offering an in-person product experience
• Generate impulse purchases
• Allow for the distribution of promotional offers using coupons

Most people genuinely enjoy the experience of trying new products, and appreciate the chance to grab a small bite while browsing. Moreover, the ability to sample the food gives customers the opportunity to reduce their risk – if they make a purchase, they can do so with full confidence, having already vetted the product.

From discovery to loyalty, in-store tastings operate on many levels. To maximize your return on investment, it is important to focus on details and organization:

• Products must be presented in an appetizing manner
• The kiosk must be attractive and extremely clean
• Staff must be courteous and knowledgeable about the product

Some commercial equipment can promote your tasting’s success factor. Such is the case for refrigerated displays for retailers from the Grab N Go product line. These accessories are known for their ability to facilitate access to fresh products, as well as increasing in-store sales.

Want to learn more about the refrigerated display options available to you? Our team will be happy to assist you!

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