Food consumption habits are ever-evolving. New trends emerge every year, and as they fade into the background, others pop up to take their place, permanently changing people’s habits. To stay in the loop, companies must remain in touch with these trends and continuously adapt their offering.

In recent years, the popularity of “gluten-free” and vegan food has skyrocketed. Health is at the fore-front of consumers’ minds, and as a result, healthy products have gained lots of ground. According to a recent report, consumers do not want additives in their food, such as artificial dyes. Instead, they look for food with the shortest ingredient list possible. As a response to these needs, business owners must adjust their in-store offering, adapting both products and presentation to market trends.

The freshness challenge

Fresh foods require special attention. They do best in open coolers, because:

• they allow the client to clearly see the available options
• they provide easy access to the product
• the consumer can sense the freshness right away

Our Grab N Go line of open coolers was created for this specific application. To make your display even more attractive to consumers, opt for a personalized design! If it’s a salad cooler, you could use images of green, crunchy lettuce. Your logo should also be visible in order to create a link between the product and your brand. A short message or slogan can also add to the experience – for example, a phrase that emphasizes the quality of your products.

Consumer habits are changing, but it is possible to evolve alongside them by elevating the way you present your products, enhancing their appeal and increasing sales.

For more tips on how to showcase your fresh products, get in touch with the MTL Cool team. Good luck!

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