When a client walks into a retail store, they want to feel like the owner has taken the time to craft a positive visual experience. Disorganization, chaos, and a lack of cohesiveness are the quickest ways to overwhelm the customer and have them running for the door.

Check out this specialty pigment store in Toyko, or this shoe store in Los Angeles. While these are extreme examples of product showcasing through branding, they are undeniably effective, and extremely compelling.

Here’s how you can create your own visual stories and brand showcases on a more relatable scale:

Draw people in with compelling visuals 

Whether your storefront is inside a shopping mall or facing the street, you have a window at your disposal to wow anyone who passes by. Your window display is the first point of contact with your clients, and there are many different ways you can use it to your advantage.

Think about the stories and ideas that make your product unique: where does it come from? Does it have a message to communicate? Who are the people behind it? By highlighting the emotional components that work behind the scenes, you can compel shoppers by touching their hearts and minds.

Putting a little thought into the setup, colour scheme, and contents of your window goes a long way. It shows clients you have an interest in creating a positive experience – and they will show interest in return.

Consider the details that will drive the sale home

One of the best ways to encourage a spontaneous purchase is to increase its visibility to customers. How do you make hot products stand out from the rest by communicating their value visually? Promotional signage, eye-catching colours (such as red and yellow to indicate a sale), and  s are king.

Also, you can place complementary items side-by-side, such as yogurt and cereal : providing pairings and suggestions helps guide the client through their purchasing process using visual cues.

Beyond prompting customers with helpful hints, the way in which you can make all the difference. This way, your story can expand beyond the visual aspect of your design, and into the physical space that it occupies.

Refrigerated displays can play an important role in your story 

If you are selling a perishable food item, your main concerns are freshness and differentiation.

Try a vertical open air merchandiser outfitted with your branding to highlight your product and its benefits. Consumers like to be swept off their feet by companies’ unique stories and personalities, so the more emphasis you put on the personality that underpins your brand, the better. If clients can see that a company values its product enough to display it in a thoughtful manner, they will be more compelled to take a chance on it!

If you’re ready to make your inventory shine in a fully-customizable refrigerated display, trust MTL Cool to get the job done.


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