There are so many great reasons to attend a retail trade show: networking with other vendors, learning about emerging market trends, attending thought-provoking seminars…

However, above all, your presence is intended to get your company’s name out there and attract visitors to your booth. Trade show attendees are always on the prowl for their next supplier, with 82% of them possessing the authority to make a purchase on the spot.

Here’s how to grab those buyers’ attention:

From booth to boutique

Instead of your visitors hovering awkwardly around a folding table, set up your stand in a dynamic way. Think of it as a boutique, or an extension of your store, as opposed to a temporary stall.

A couple of furniture pieces and thoughtful decor accents will make visitors feel comfortable without breaking the bank. Swap folding chairs for simple, modern armchairs (they can still be plastic!) and place a few vases or plants around your booth for a heightened visual experience that elevates your brand . You can also opt for custom-designed displays that put your products front and center, while taking yet another opportunity to highlight your branding and design.

Put your brand front and center 

A successful retail trade show is one that gets your business out there – so don’t be afraid to give your company name the attention it deserves!

Make sure that you are communicating your branding in the most efficient way possible: this includes placing your marketing materials at eye level, making sure that each visual element, such as your logo, at least 3 feet off the ground.

Choosing easy-to-read fonts is the best way to ensure that people will actually read what’s on your brand assets. While fancy fonts can be tempting, readability almost always suffers when you stray too far from something simple. In the same vein, always stick to your brand colours: cohesiveness and consistency is the key to success.

If you’re in the food business, it’s imperative to serve your snacks up fresh. A branded refrigerated display case is the ideal way to keep your food cool and looking slick while doing it!

Create a floor plan that highlights your products 

Your product offering doesn’t belong just anywhere: there is a science to product placement, and the verdict is that it’s best to place them at eye level.

While providing samples on top of a stand or table is expected, you can use visual marketing to put your inventory in the spotlight. For a design-forward twist, why not set up a shelf behind the welcome area, or end tables in different locations around your booth’s footprint, to showcase your products?


If you’re looking to display refrigerated products in style, trust  MTL Cool to outfit your retail trade show booth!

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