Today’s consumer is more health-conscious than ever and always looking for a quick on-the-go meal or snack. This generates an increased importance on keeping your produce section looking fresh and exciting. Research shows that high-quality fruit and vegetable offering is an important reason why shoppers choose to shop at a specific store. In-fact, 25% of consumers will switch stores if they are not satisfied with the quality and presentation of fresh items.

Here are some great ideas for merchandising your fresh products.


Pair your produce with complimentary products to inspire healthy snack ideas. According to a study on snacking published by Sonoco[1], 51% of respondents reported snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables five or more times per week. Value-added pairings (such as produce alongside dips, cheese, nuts or crackers) are the perfect way to inspire a flavorful and balanced snack.

Our new Harvest Fresh Tables are the ideal solution for keeping fresh produce beautifully merchandised and accessible while prolonging shelf life and creating an exceptional shopping experience.

Harvest Fresh tables, Fresh Produce Merchandiser, MTL Cool display, Kroger stores

The flat shelf like surface at the back of the unit also provides a great opportunity for complimentary products that will turn your fresh fruit and veggies into the perfect snack solution. 

Spotlight local and in-season items

In most common grocery store layouts, the first thing a customer will see when they enter the store is your produce section. Be sure to bring your local produce items near the entrance.

Consumers prefer to buy local! Create impactful and informative signage highlighting what is in season and where it is from to support your display efforts.

Our Harvest Berry Case merchandisers have a beautiful cascading design and tons of interior capacity allowing you to creatively merchandise fresh produce and snacks. They are available in a variety of wood style finishes to match an décor and give your produce section that homegrown look and feel.

Harvest berry case, Fresh Produce Display, Berries Merchandiser

Natural & Clean

Conscious consumers are increasingly looking at product labels. They want to see ingredients that they know and recognize. This provides a great opportunity to increase your assortment of in-store pre-cut fruit and veggie snacks as well as some innovative pre-packaged fresh snacks and salads.

 “Shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients used to make their favorite snacks, so refrigerated snack foods with clean labels will be a big hit in 2020.”

– Chef Joe Schaber, Good Foods Group.

Our Harvest Fresh Tables are available in 6-foot and 8-foot lengths and are completely modular in design. Their interior base shelves are adjustable in increments of 1”, allowing you to combine all of these items in one display while having them all line up beautifully.

For more advice on how to refresh your produce section with our new Harvest Series, get in touch with the MTL Cool team!

[1] Sonoco, Fresh Snacking
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