Consumer habits have shifted from weekly stock-piling grocery runs to multiple quick trips per week. With these shorter shopping trips, it is important to maximize the impact of your endcap displays. These quick in-and-out consumers are most likely not going down every aisle, so it is important to catch their attention on your endcaps. At MTL Cool we offer a variety of standard and custom endcap displays. We have options from full refrigerated endcaps to multi-temp endcaps allowing you to cross-merchandise shelf-stable and fresh or frozen items together. Here are some ideas for inspiration.


During the current global pandemic shoppers are looking to save money and are spending more on private label products. According to Acupoll Precision Research study “U.S. Consumer Attitudes about COVID-19”, 23% of consumers now have a greater appreciation for store brand food products during the pandemic and are trying new products. A custom private-label endcap creates a great opportunity to cross-merchandise complimentary products and influence consumers to try something new. 



Conventional snacking has been on the decline for the past few years with fresh snacking growing annually. Inspire your customers with new fresh snacking ideas by combining fresh foods with shelf-stable items. How about some fresh yogurt merchandised with granola? Protein-on-the-go? Hummus with crackers? Or an energy-boosting smoothie? Check out this great example by Danone: 

Danone provided all of the ingredients to create the perfect smoothie in one convenient location. Our graphic framing allows the brand or store to change out the branding as often as they like to introduce new recipes or products seamlessly.


Shoppers focused on improved health and wellness are shifting away from traditional sodas and looking for alternative beverages. Major categories include cold-coffees, kombucha, seltzers, energy drinks and plant-based tonics. A fully stocked well branded and merchandised endcap cooler is the perfect cooler to place across from your check lanes. Be sure to use artwork that pops and draws the consumer in. Our “Beverage Innovation” cooler featured in Kroger stores nation-wide exemplifies beautiful execution.


Whether you are looking to inspire your customers with a unique private-label destination, fresh snacking ideas, or the perfect beverage oasis, contact MTL COOL today to discuss possible solutions for you.


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