In the age of e-commerce, retail has undergone many significant changes in recent years. Retailers and food-centric brands have no choice but to reinvent themselves, learning to craft a whole new way of making the in-store experience worthwhile. The straight facts: if a customer is enjoying their shopping experience, they are far more likely to stay awhile and fill their cart to the brim!

As the head of a food brand, it’s time to ask yourself: what exactly do consumers want? They want to feel inspired and enjoy an eye-opening experience. In order to respond to those needs, stores must capitalize on the assets that distinguish them from an online shop. Phone screens don’t allow us to feel, touch, or taste the products in front of us. As a retailer, this is one of your most important advantages.

To encourage product discovery and stoke people’s interest in your offering, it’s imperative to bring their visibility and allure into play. Here are a few tips:

1. Get to know the stores that are stocking your product, and visit them often so you can get an idea of how customers make their way through the aisles. These observations will help you learn how to use your space to its full potential and implement new and innovative ideas.

2. Depending on the type of product, have your display placed in a strategic location in order to maximize visibility. Whether it’s at the end of an aisle or near the cash, test out different locations to figure out which one will yield the most sales. Some products are best off when placed next to another item, like yogurt and granola. In these situations, displays that are integrated into the aisle can make a big difference for your sales.

3. With the help of the retailer, test different presentation layouts to measure their individual effects on the in-store consumer experience. Before making any changes, take note of the customer traffic and sales data in order to conduct a proper analysis as you go.

By focusing on strategic locations and engaging presentations, you are sure to spark interest in your products, all while enhancing the in-store user experience.

For more advice on how to enhance your fresh products’ retail experience, get in touch with the MTL Cool team!

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