At MTL COOL we are constantly looking for exciting and innovative trends in the food & beverage industry to see how we can cater our refrigerated displays to better suit these new and exciting products. With the Natural Products Expo West 2019 around the corner, here are some of the trending types of products we expect to see.

This week’s trend is KOMBUCHA

Kombucha infused products. Traditional Kombucha gained tremendous popularity in 2018. With more than 25 Kombucha brands exhibiting, we will continue to see creative new flavors for this 2,000-year-old beverage as well as new ways to use Kombucha. In 2019 we expect Kombucha to be infused in all sorts of products such as coffee beverages, cocktails, and even popsicles!

A branded refrigerated display is a great way to help your Kombucha brand stand out from the crowd and to retain premium placement within a store. A branded cooler will not only significantly increase the sale of your brand, but also increase the total sale of Kombucha within the store. One great example is our G-Air grab and go cooler installed on this endcap for Health-Ade Kombucha installed at Vons in Manhattan Beach, California.

A health-conscious product like Kombucha presents some interesting placement opportunities so don’t limit yourself to grocery stores. One great example is our VC-290 glass door cooler placed by Y Kombucha at the Disstorsion dance studio in Montréal. This great looking display allows students to quickly grab a bottle before or after a workout session. Expect to start seeing more and more Kombucha in other studios, gyms, and cafes.

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